Saturday, September 10, 2011

First Days of Spring

We celebrated the first day of Spring at school this past week.  The kids got to put flowers in their hair and wear colorful clothing to class.  It was a fun and refreshing way to welcome in the warmer months and to celebrate the season we often associate with new beginnings and change. 

The Holy Cross School is experiencing its own share of change and growth as Spring in South Africa begins to unfold.  The monks and teachers at the monastery decided to undergo the process of constructing a proper school building to better accommodate the educational needs of the children outside of Grahamstown.  The current school building can only hold one grade R (kindergarten) class.  After the new school is built, the building will be composed of five classrooms, a kitchen, a teachers’ lounge, and it will be able to accommodate up to grade 4.

The first phases of construction are underway, and as we welcome in Spring, so do we welcome in a new school building that will be essential to providing for the children in need outside of Grahamstown.


(From left to right: ground cleared for new school building, workers laying the foundation, platform for new water storage tanks. Construction photos courtesy of Br. Roger Stewart)

(From left to right: walking back up to school after play time - current school building in upper left corner, First Day of Spring class photo, students with flowers in their hair, students celebrating Spring!)


  1. Hey Stephen, Just logged into your blog: the kids look adorable with the flowers, and the site looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Love, George

  2. Hey, Stephen, great to be able to keep up with your adventure. You'll be cracking jokes in Xhosa before you know it. Keep those tykes learning!