Friday, November 25, 2011

Living the Faith

I went with friends to visit an Anglican church called St. Augustine’s.  The church is located in a township neighborhood that suffers from poverty, high levels of violence and crime, and high HIV/AIDs rates.  In response to the hardships that surround the church, St. Augustine’s runs a feeding program five days a week in which they provide meals for vulnerable children and those living with HIV/AIDs.  On top of this, members from the congregation make home visits around the township to identify those suffering and at-risk.

St. Augustine’s is by no means a wealthy parish.  In fact, compared to many of the churches in the United States, it would look as if St. Augustine’s were in need of help.  Yet, during the week, St. Augustine’s functions almost as a non-profit social service center for the neighborhood.

During our visit, I leaned into my friend to try and describe St. Augustine’s commitment and devotion to helping the poor, sick, and those who truly are in need.  As I struggled to find words, my friend looked at me and simply said, “They are living the faith.”

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  1. Lovely message, thanks, Stephen! A belated Happy Thanksgiving: just realized you're in summer as we approach Christmas, and it's starting to get chilly here.